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Display Ads - The standard advertisements that appear among the editorial sections of a publication in (Black & White or Full colour) and is not grouped according to classification (as classified advertisements are). It normally employs illustrations and varying type sizes and bases its rate structure on agate lines, column inches, or fractions of a page.

Non Display Ads - These are advertisements that are grouped into categories or classes such as Classifieds, Announcements, Notices, Obituaries, Tenders, Change of Addresses and etc.
Genre : Home decorating
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Apartmen Impiana
With a modern and contemporary concept towards interior design, this magazine helps turn your dream home into reality, all within your budget. In addition to that, useful information and beneficial tips that Apartment Impiana features in each issue will help facilitate and bring "apartment livi...
Circulation: 40,000 Readership: 120,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,000
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Creative Home
CreativeHome is Malaysia's 1st bilingual (English and Chinese) home living magazine, printed monthly with distribution in both West and Est Malaysia. Thus far, the magazine has been competing against local and international titles for well over 9 years and counting. The magazine features the la...
Circulation: 70,000 Readership: 140,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 4,500
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Dapur Impiana
Dapur Impiana is a magazine designed specifically for tips and ideas on creating your ideal kitchen. Filled with ideas, tips and features on the latest trends, this magazine is the ultimate resource for those looking to improve their kitchen environment.
Circulation: 35,000 Readership: 105,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,000
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Designer Concept
Designer Concept is an upcoming local interior magazine to a total of 18 profiles & above are featured in every issue, bringing readers the works of mastery as well as the latest developments of the industry. With the most number of portfolios, strives to raise the standard of interior sense in t...
Circulation: 40,000 Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 4,500
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GLAM Deko is a monthly magazine which started as a bi-annual publication in 2008. Since then, it has achieved good reputation in the architecture and interior industry. Aiming to inspire and educate Malaysians on understanding great styles of living, the magazine also touches on food, travel and lif...
Circulation: 20,000 Readership: 40,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,500
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Home & Decor
Home & Décor takes home design to the next level. Not only we do showcase a plethora of beautiful homes and inspiring décor ideas, we also combine them with useful advice, interesting product ideas and a practical approach to decorating. Our wide editorial scope ensures that we appeal to both ...
Circulation: 30,000 Readership: 60,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 6,000
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Home Concepts
As one of the longest-running interior design magazines published by Inovatif Media Asia Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, home concepts has been at the forefront of the Malaysian interior design scene since 1999. As its title suggests, the magazine does more than just highlight the latest in products, talent an...
Circulation: 40,000 Readership: 96,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 6,500
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Homefinder is a property and living magazine that provides valuable reads from investment tips to inspirational life stories for individuals and families.
Circulation: 31,500 Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 6,300
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Impiana is the first decoration magazine based in Bahsa Malaysia. A contemporary home interior decoration magazine, Impiana features the latest development in architecture and home décor. It reaches out to sophisticated readers who are looking for decorating ideas and solutions.
Circulation: 35,000 Readership: 105,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,000
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iN Design - EN/BM
Launched in 2005 by iN Publishers Sdn Bhd, iN Design is Malaysia's 1st monthly, trilingual (English/Chinese and English/Bahasa Melayu) interior design magazine. In every issue, it features up to 15 designers' portfolios and design firms' contacts. Holding Malaysia's largest colle...
Circulation: 40,000 Readership: 80,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 4,500
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