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Display Ads - The standard advertisements that appear among the editorial sections of a publication in (Black & White or Full colour) and is not grouped according to classification (as classified advertisements are). It normally employs illustrations and varying type sizes and bases its rate structure on agate lines, column inches, or fractions of a page.

Non Display Ads - These are advertisements that are grouped into categories or classes such as Classifieds, Announcements, Notices, Obituaries, Tenders, Change of Addresses and etc.
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Established since 1970, URTV is as vibrant, colorful and entertaining as it was when published more than 40 years ago. URTV never ages simply because it insists on being one of Malaysia's most current magazines that follows closely, if not leading, the changes of time! Guarantees to leave reade...
Circulation: 60,000 Readership: 300,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 4,600
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Mami & Baby (BM)
Today Publishing is one of the most established organisers of mother & baby exhibitions, and also the leading publisher of parenting magazines in Malaysia - the only publisher that provides you the total coverage of all three languages - Malay, English and Chinese and has the most effectiveness in r...
Circulation: 57,500 Readership: 196,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,000
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Rasa is a comprehensive cooking and culinary magazine for the gastronomique aficionados. It offers a variety of delectable and scrumptious recipes to try out. There are also great food reviews for those who love dining out. The magazine also provides additional information on cooking equipment and u...
Circulation: 55,000 Readership: 195,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 4,000
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SEDAP is a monthly Malay-language magazine under licensed by a well-known Indonesian magazine targeted to women aged 20 to 39 on cooking and its’ recipes information. The magazine provides inspiration, practical information, great cooking tips and techniques, and recipes that contain easy-to-...
Circulation: 55,000 Readership: 165,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 2,600
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As one the best selling Chinese lifestyle magazines that connect with the insatiable curiosity of the trend-seeking youngsters, YG is all about everything stylish and chic on entertainment and trends. It keeps readers in touch with the latest happenings and trendsetting popular-culture in Malaysia, ...
Circulation: 55,000 Readership: 165,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 3,000
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Pesona Pengantin
A source for couples hoping to tie the knot, Persona Pengantin is a bridal magazine full of lavish and luxurious content. Pages are filled with ideas fro brides and grooms alike for creating a different and unique concept for their wedding. The magazine is also an amazing reference for those working...
Circulation: 55,000 Readership: 165,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,800
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Bintang Kecil
Bintang Kecil is a multicultural magazine for adolescent girls that is packed with information. It focuses on real life issues such as friendship, self esteem, education and fashion. Bintang kecil also profiles real girls facing real challenges.
Circulation: 55,000 Readership: 220,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 3,000
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Traveller's Digest of Malaysia
Traveller's Digest of Malaysia, a chinese travel magazine since 1992. It s the oldest and most highly circulated Chinese travel magazine in Malaysia. Over the years, the publication has gained wide acceptance and recognition by the travel industry and among readers as the guide for their travel...
Circulation: 51,000 Readership: 225,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 6,000
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Calibre is a business lifestyle magazine circulated only to Public mutual Gold card members.
Circulation: 50,000 Readership: 60,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 6,500
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HMI is a very much popular amalgamate type of comprehensive magazine; it comprises of current issue reports, entertainment news, everyday life fun sharing, and also discussion upon issue between both sexes. Furthermore the first-hand report on hidden or undercover news in every issue are also what o...
Circulation: 50,000 Readership: 150,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 2,600
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