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Display Ads - The standard advertisements that appear among the editorial sections of a publication in (Black & White or Full colour) and is not grouped according to classification (as classified advertisements are). It normally employs illustrations and varying type sizes and bases its rate structure on agate lines, column inches, or fractions of a page.

Non Display Ads - These are advertisements that are grouped into categories or classes such as Classifieds, Announcements, Notices, Obituaries, Tenders, Change of Addresses and etc.
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Natural Health
Natural Health is the first and only magazine dedicated to guiding women to take action towards a healthier and better life naturally. It offers readers fresh and informative contents on a diverse range of natural health alternatives from traditional to complimentary so that they can make educated d...
Circulation: 35,000 Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 4,800
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A Healthy Lifestyle
A Healthy Lifestyle reader is a decision maker of the household, the ambassador of good health to her family and friends, an influencer among those she knows and loves, and a proactive information seeker when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.
Circulation: 35,000 Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 5,000
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Campus Plus
Campus Plus is all about the Malaysian College Student. It is a highly interactive platform that provides students with the latest news in and around the local colleges scene, such as presentations, awards, conventions, parties, sporting meets etc. etc. etc..... In addition, with the ever life-alter...
Circulation: 35,000 Readership: 87,500 Cost (FPFC): RM 6,000
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ifeel is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind women's fashion and beauty lifestyle magazine that addresses young women between the ages of 17 to 29 - a group of people who are trendy, fashionable, confident and outgoing. Since its inaugural edition in May 2004, ifeel has become the fastest growing young wo...
Circulation: 33,000 Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 4,000
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Citta Bella
Citta Bella is one of the most popular Chinese woman's magazine in Malaysia published by Citta Bella (M) Sdn Bhd. Citta Bella is the first monthly regional Chinese Language women's magazine. Its appeal lies in its unique editorial that speaks to the sophisticated, discerning and bilingual ...
Circulation: 32,000 Readership: 32,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 4,000
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Homefinder is a property and living magazine that provides valuable reads from investment tips to inspirational life stories for individuals and families.
Circulation: 31,500 Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 6,300
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Healthy Magazine
Healthy Magazine is the health magazine of the 21st century. It provides readers with latest information as well as updated news on research and development in the medical field. Its contents include up-to-date news on modern medical, healthcare supplement for body, mind and soul, knowledge relating...
Circulation: 31,300 Readership: N/A Cost (FPFC): RM 3,000
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The Malaysian Women's Weekly
Launched in 2000, The Malaysian Women´s Weekly is a broadly targeted, family-oriented glamor title covering fashion, health and beauty, "real-life" stories, cuisine, décor and Hollywood glamor. The Weekly is Malaysia´s fastest-growing women´s lifestyle magazine. It entertains, ...
Circulation: 30,366 Readership: 60,732 Cost (FPFC): RM 4,665
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Rapi is aimed at a new generation of women for whom living healthy is not an option, but a way of life. The magazine features reliable information and advice on fitness, self-help, nutrition and tips on achieving the perfect look.
Circulation: 30,000 Readership: 90,000 Cost (FPFC): RM 5,000
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Launched in April 2005 by Catcha Lifestyle Publications Sdn Bhd, evo is created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and is the purest, most focused motoring magazine in the market today, devoted exclusively to the world's fastest and most desirable cars. Written by a team with unrivaled knowledge an...
Circulation: 30,000 Readership: 132,500 Cost (FPFC): RM 6,000
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